Wings and Wheels Society.

Clifton Rocks Railway Visit 26-3-2016.

Many thanks to Mr Henry and co (cheers was a great visit thank you again). Only 10 people maximum at a time can visit the actual depths of the tunnel, for insurance reasons. You can see why! An ex, rather large, 4 track (rail coach) underground funicular Victorian railway tunnel in its day, and then conversion with 1000's more tons of concrete wood and bricks into WW2 Air raid shelters, Barrage balloon manufacture and fixing, and a BBC Broadcasting studio as separated from the air raid shelters in part secret. Also the railway is very much linked to the Avon Gorge Hotel, its ballroom and baths are decaying just as much as the rocks railway! Thousands of people pass the bottom entrance to the Clifton Rocks Railway as they drive along Bristol's Portway, with most not knowing what secret is buried in the rock of the Avon Gorge. Constructed with great difficulty inside the cliffs of the Avon Gorge in order to reduce its visual impact on the picturesque surroundings, this water powered 'funicular' railway opened on 11 March, 1893 and operated for 40 years against diminishing trade. Its closure in 1934 did not mark the end of its useful life as it became a secret transmission base for the BBC during WWII. It has been empty and disused since the BBC moved out after the war. Enjoy the pictures.

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