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Dean Forest Railway Flour Mill Gala 1-7-2016



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Oh Yes... Dean’er world made good,  local steam restorers the Flour Mill workshop now celebrating 20 years in business. The two weekend gala saw the Victorian loco’s  LSWR 4-4-0 T9 Class No. 120 and LSWR 2-4-0T No. 298 (30587) Beattie Well Tank. Both brought in from their home in Bodmin . Also joined by Metropolitan Railway E Class 0-4-4T No. 1, which famously steamed along the London Underground recently to celebrate its 150th anniversary.  All these Engines are a product of excellent restoration from the Flour Mill near Bream (not the DFRly) see: . Freight trains were also ride 'able (giving a donation to ride on the freight  train) as a first come first served basis. A bus service operated from Parkend near the pub! from mid day onwards on the first weekend, Friday 1st - Sunday 3rd July, to shuttle DFRly  gala passengers only to the Flour Mill for these open days, an interesting place to visit - see the photos. It is a twisty road’ish as photographed – where the heavy haulage low loaders bring the locos in for repair etc, next expected is a 9F. 
So... sheep on the road and my fern ticket for the gala! all things were brilliant , a great day.
  Enjoy the pictures.

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