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Red Flag at Nellis Air Force Base 16-3-2022.

Kevin's tour spent two days at Nellis. Each morning they left the hotel at 08:30 for Nellis AFB's perimeter/surrounding area. Where the tour watched the procedings from depended on which way the aircraft were taking off and landing from. Previous Red/Green Flags have launched 2 waves of take-offs and landings every day, one in the morning and one in the early afternoon. In addition there can also be non 'Flag' arrivals and departures. Kevin was able to get many great shot of the precedings but the aircraft that particularly caught my eye were the Aggressor Squadron aircraft both of the U.S.A.F. and of Draken international who supply aircraft like the L159 Honey Badger and Mirage F1 for disimilar air combat training, other types that Draken operate are A4 Skyhawks, Mig 21's, and Atlas Cheetah's. Also catching my eye were a couple of F15's (F15 EX?) that still had their "Turkey Feathers" in place. Thanks again to Kevin for the use of some great pictures for this web site.

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