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The following pictures portray a walk from Coaley Junction to Dursley, following the now hardly distinguishable track bed of the once famous Dursley Donkey Branch Line. In 1856 the line was opened. 1962 Saw the branch lose its passenger service, and finally in 1970 the line closed to all freight traffic to Listers Factory in the heart of the Dursley valley.

Some parts of the ex branch line are not possible to walk over. However a good percentage of the  line is recognisable, except the Everlands to Dursley section that has changed beyond all recognition.

The photos are best viewed in the order shown from, Coaley Junction (main line) to Draycott Bridge. The line then runs through Cam, then onto Everlands and finally Dursley.

Copyright of the following photos and articles belong to: R Kelsey, I Thomas, D Markey, P Smith, and F Cox .

Dursley Gazette feature on the Dursley Branch Line, 1/09/2002.


Map of the Dursley Branch Line The chronological development of the Dursley branch Line Passenger Timetables, 1915/1916 and Summer of 1932 Map showing how the Dursley Branch Line joins the MainLine.
Coaley Junction Now


Coaley last train 1962 Coaley Junction ex mainline platforms 1-2004 Coaley Goods shed 1-2004, is this a listed building? it should be! e-mail us if you can identify the vehicles! Coaley goods yard and ex Dursley Branch to right hand of picture, 1-2004.
Coaley Junction, Station Masters house.


Box Road Crossing


Box Road to Draycott, 1-2004. Box Road to Draycott, 1-2004. Draycott Bridge, Now.


Draycott Bridge, as it used to be in 1968.
Draycott Bridge today, 1-2004.


Draycott to Cam, 1-2004. Cam Station Road on a very misty morning, December 2003


CAM-28-7-68 Cam Station site as it is now Cam Station Road in the 1950's
The Railway Inn, Cam, Gloucestershire.


Station Road Cam looking towards the Railway Inn Gallows Bridge, Cam Everlands. Picture taken from the Gallows Bridge, Cam.

Another view of Gallows Bridge.

Quag-Bridge, Listers foundry, empty coal wagon train.
Location of Quagg Bridge as it is today.


Dursley Gas Works Bridge.

Listers, yard cleared for re-development, 1-2004. 28-7-68 -Dursley

Listers yard looking towards the ex Dursley Station site, pre-development 1-2004.

Dursley Station Site as it is today.

DURSLEY-STATION as it was 8-9-1962

Dursley-Station 28-7-68 Dursley Station circa 1956, the locomotive in the picture is portrayed on the sign of the Railway Inn at Cam.