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The following collection of  Railway Photographs have been selected to show the Halcyon days of Steam Heat Diesel Locomotive Bashing ! The period of time is set back to the Late 1970s, to Early 1980 BR Blue days. Enjoy a ride around the UK! in dodgy steam heat (or in most cases no steam heat)  Mk 1 coaches.

Also included are preserved Steam photographs, on rail and road.

Copyright of all pictures in this gallery belong to R Kelsey.

777-Hereford  9-4-1983


25325+33012-Pantyffynon  30-11-1985 26024+26046-Inverness  8-5-1982 26046+26024-Wick  8-5-1982 33026-on-1083-Bathamton  1983 33030-on-1V27-Bathampton  1983
33031-Holyhead-14:08 to Cardiff  26-9-1986


33042-on-1067  Bath 33211+47617-BTM  29-8-1986 37185-Gloucester-relief-train  8-2-1980 37415-Inverness-on-06:55 to Kyle  26-2-1986 37415-Kyle-of-Lochalsh  26-2-1986
37800+37896-Cwmbargoed  14-4-1993


40107-Newcastle  24-10-1981 40127-Llandudno  21-8-1979 45015-Saltash-1B16  9-8-1982 45053-on-1E37-BTM  16-5-1981 45069-on-1053-Derby  5-9-1981
45076-ECS-45068-1M74-BTM  5-8-1981


46026-Portsmouth-Harbour-1Z10  17-6-1984 46036-on-1E75-BTM  1-8-1981 46037-on-1M66-Blackpool-North  6-8-1983 46038-Gossington  14-7-1978 46044-Kings-X-ECS-ex-1A40  6-3-1982
46051-on-1E38-Brum-N-S  26-2-1982


46052-on-1V57-Doncaster  6-8-1983 46521-Bewdley  9-1981 55004-Newcastle-1S77-Night Scotsman  24-10-1981 55009-Kings-X--1Z37  14-11-1981 55021-Newcastle-1S77-Night Scotsman  7-11-1981
80079+43106-Hereford  26-2-1983


A Steam Engine at the Steam Show at Blandford. A Steam Engine at Blandford-1993 Another Steam Engine at Blandford 1993 D1013-Bewdley  12-9-1981 D1041-Swindon-Works  19-5-1979
D9016+D100-Bridgenorth  15-10-1989


Nailsea  8-4-1985 Stratford-on-Avon  2-11-1985