Wings and Wheels Society.

Welcome to the Wings and Wheels Web site. Since we started the Wings and Wheels Society we have seen attendance figures grow year on year and as a non profit making organisation we have been able to give some useful money to the various charities that we have supported. None of this would have been possible without the continued support from our members, our speakers, and, of course, our hosts at the Community Centre The Wings and Wheels Team would like to thank all of you for making this possible. Please visit the Coming Soon page for an updated list of forthcoming talks up to May 2023. If you want to see some great images and interesting views of great days out, then come on in and share the passion.

With the recent surge of Covid cases across the U.K. in general and the South West in particular we have decided to cancel the physical meetings that were planned from 14th of October 2021 to 10th of March 2022. Instead we are planning to have virtual meetings between these dates, that program is now set. Please visit the Coming Soon Page for further information on the program going forward as it becomes available. The third of what we hope will be seasonal news letters has now been posted. You can find the June News Letter by visiting the Newsletters Page. Regards and best wishes from the Wings and Wheels Team.

The new program which takes us up to May 2023 is now posted. The May 2023 show will be a celebration of 20 Years of the Wings and Wheels Society. The success and longevity that we have had is all down to the continued support of our members, For this we thank you. Any Society or Club is only really as good as its members.

Please note, the web site is currently undergoing quite a large update to make it more accesible across different devices and easier to update going forward. This is quite a major task due to the size of the site so while this work is taking place the web site will look a bit odd and mismatched in places.

Essential Covid information for Wings & Wheels Meetings at the Community Centre from April 2022. Dear Members We are trying to make our meetings as safe as possible and can only do that if everyone takes personal responsibility for making sure they are safe to mix. To attend, we ask you to be totally free of fever, cough, altered smell or taste, or breathing difficulties, (unless the latter are part of a chronic pre-existing condition). Equally we would ask you not to attend if you are self-isolating due to COVID symptoms affecting you, or members of your household. Please don't attend if you have any doubts at all and let's keep the meetings, we all enjoy so much up and running. On arrival, please use hand sanitisers or wash hands, and use a mask if you wish, and respect reasonable distancing protocols regarding members when possible. We will ensure windows are open for ventilation. Although we are taking all serious measures possible, they can only minimise the risk of infection rather than eliminate it. It is important that you understand this and are happy to attend in person. We hope you are all well and look forward to seeing you. Regards The Wings Team

Updated 3-8-2022.