Wings and Wheels Society.

Ian and Jills Alpine Steam Express Trip 21-7-2022.

We joined the RTC "ALPINE STEAM EXPRESS" tour of Switzerland during the recent hot spell and visited several private steam lines including the RIGI. Because of the continuing dry conditions, a steam ban was imposed on certain lines including RIGI, so no vertical boiler loco was working. However, all was not lost as a 1951 built crocodile type electric was substituted for the VAL DE TRAVERS line. Also the Saturday bash to the LE DAY-LE BRASSUS line was abandoned, and Jill and I did our own thing with the Orbe and Vallorbe branches. Temperatures reached 33-36c every day and two cracking thunderstorms thrown in for good measure. Lunch was served on the PRE-PETITJEAN line in the bistro car, plus a buffet lunch at REALP depot and at St Sulpice and excellent quality they all were. The sunset cruise on the steamer "SPIEZ" was pleasant with a buffet dinner served. All travel except the TGV and EUROSTAR were using our 1st CLASS SWISS RAILPASS. Despite the steam ban, I think we all enjoyed the week in our 50 strong party. HAPPY DAYS.

Copyright of all pictures in this gallery belong to I & J Thomas.