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Wellesbourne Mountford Vulcan 10-9-2022.

Wellesbourne Mountford is best known for its role in the Second World War, when it was under control by RAF Bomber Command as an Operational Training Unit, for training aircrew from within the Commonwealth and other countries. Today the airfield has a CAA Ordinary Licence that allows flights for the public transport of passengers or for flying instruction and the airfield is privately owned with a Flying School. Wellesbourne Mountford is also home to Avro Vulcan XM655, which is kept in taxiable condition. In fact when the last flying Vulcan was operational XM655 had close links with XH588 for ground training crews etc, however, this preserved Vulcan Bomber is still maintained for public taxi runs (about three times a year - pre booked tickets only). At the time of our visit to the airfield they were prepping the mighty Delta winged beast for a taxi run the following weekend. Awesome work from a dedicated band of volunteers, Enjoy the pictures

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