Wings and Wheels Society.

The Buccaneer Aviation Group Night photoshoot 4-3-2023.

Wings and Wheels Society members Dave, Kevin, Ivan, Bill, and Rich attended the Night Photoshoot at ex RAF Kemble, on a dry chilly night in early March (the best one can expect I'd say). The Event must have been full, with punters arriving for a safety/aviation brief at 4pm, we all then viewed the spectacle of one of the 2 Buccaneers running up its Mighty Rolls Royce Spey Mk101 Jet Engines! (a very Loud Experience for the uninitiated - thrashtastic) for an anti-detector run. Both Aircraft have retractable wings for their past carrier ops so plenty of Wing folding action and banter with the TBAG crew and shop volunteers kept us busy until Dusk. Then the Threshold Team positioned the aircraft and lighting for the anticipated night shoot. They managed the many aviation photographers (us) really well, first of all dividing all attendees into 3 groups, and moving us around the apron boarder in turns so every group got 3 angles with 5 Wing folding's to photograph per angle, excellent, after that they let Norma the Navy Buccaneer go for it with all its lights on/off etc… that gave us a great show, all this was quite a spectacle to photograph (Note: flash guns and bright torches use during the night shoot were banned). This was our second TBAG event that Dave and I attended to date and we can say how friendly and professional TBAG plus Threshold were at making such a dry cold Winter night such an Awesome warm one! Many thanks again to both parties from all at Wings & Wheels Society Dursley, Hurrah to TBAG!! Please enjoy the photos and Dave's intro/outro for our Vid.

Copyright of all pictures in this gallery belong to R Kelsey.