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Woodview Mill O Gauge Gala 29-8-2022.

Just before Covid Richard started modelling and collecting 7mm/O Gauge with a long term idea of running a permanent garden railway, probably when retirement comes. However through the past lock downs my friend Bill and I have made a 22ft (6 x modular boards) straight run with a main line looking loop ballasted etc, for outdoor or indoor use, that works well. Part way through another Covid winter season my neighbour and good friend Robert had no use for a thick heavy 8ft x 4ft ply board, But I had a use for it! With the arrival of this huge heavy board in my garage I worked out that if I cut the board up accurately (based on my available set track lengths/curves points etc), we could make another modular set up with trestle tables outside for operating trains, and/or running in locos, even in time maybe use it with the 22ft span in a hall. So after some planning, I cut the board into 4 quarter curves and various straight sections with enough on one side for a loop. The plan was to use the set track that I also purchased over lock downs with using the Peco radius available, which I knew from the start would be slightly too tight for some trains and locos, with drag etc, however I knew most Heljan locos would traverse this ok, so the plan was all systems go. With the boards cut, numbered, and painted black and a place to store them flat and dry also identified, we waited for a nice weekend when we weren't busy! And about 9 months later as you can see in the photos it all came together, the set track fitted my cut out shapes well, the plan worked, and after much levelling up etc we had a ready to run circuit to enjoy the next day. On the running day we managed to run half my 7mm fleet (7 locos) and started off with bigger ambitious trains but the curve drag was a lot, and as we were mainly using locos that hadn't been used much, I made the decision to keep the trains small. That was a good a plan as running 7mm takes a lot of time to unpack/pack couple up/uncouple etc, just like a real gala you can't be over ambitious as a one man band! My friend Robert assisted in the afternoon, which was a good call, and it was certainly a 2 person job to get everything packed away by just after sundown. The Locos that ran on the day were as follows Heljan DCC Class 25 with sound & my VERY Loud Class 45 Peak 45010 that is well weathered. A Heljan DC Hatton's A3 that ran like a sewing machine, two Dapol DC Terrier tanks paired up for the finale as well, Slaters DC 1F metal kit, and my, weathered/detailed restored from £30 box of bits, Lima 4F that worked well and was later paired up nicely with the 1F. For a realistic feel I always make sure all my 0 gauge locos, brake vans and coaches have at least some crew/people in them, including Oliver Bulleid and his young lady Miss Ivatt related to you know who, placed in the guards van for a bit more fun. Also, when possible, I use real coal for realism in the steam loco tenders. Enjoy the pictures, please make sure that you scroll to the bottom of the page as there are two videos of the event.

Copyright of all pictures in this gallery belong to R Kelsey.