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General Data Protection Regulations.

The General Data Protection Regulation

Wings and Wheels Society, Dursley exists to promote friendship among enthusiasts of Air, Rail, Road and Sea who share an interest in transport history, heritage & development through the holding of monthly meetings, lectures and exhibitions.


Wings and Wheels Society are aware of the need to comply with the GDPR regulations with respect to information, communication, individual rights, access requests, the lawful processing of personal data consent as well as procedures to detect, report and investigate any personal data breach. This will be disseminated to existing attendees at meetings or via e-mails to those who have already given consent.

Information held

In recent years the Society has issued a form for those enthusiasts/attendees who wish to be kept informed, to supply their postal address/e-mail address, landline and /or mobile phone numbers. This allows the Society to inform attendees about:

• Forthcoming meetings;

• Certain events in the locality which may be of interest;

• Emergency cancellation or alteration of meetings.

However, there is no obligation for enthusiasts to provide any of the above information, accept their name on entry, which is for insurance purposes only during the Society’s monthly meetings. Those already ‘signed-up’ will be made aware that they may ask to have their details altered or removed at any time. New attendees may subscribe by filling in the ‘Contact Consent’ Form stating that the information provided, will be used with the consent and acknowledgement of the attendee and that details may be changed or removed at any time, at the their request.

How this information is stored

The Society keeps this information as a hardcopy and on computer, is password protected with the latest security software installed. Those who have not provided an e-mail address will receive important information by landline or mobile phone as requested.

Communicating privacy information

Most information is communicated at the monthly meetings. Any necessary emails or phone calls are kept to a minimum, but occasionally we do make contact outside of meeting times.

En block e-mails are sent BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) for security and privacy reasons. Telephone calls will only be made when absolutely necessary to keep attendees informed. Text messaging is not an option. The information kept will only be used for the business of the Society and will not be shared with third parties. All attendees are made aware that they may change the choice of contact method at any time, or have any specified details removed by notifying the Society.

Individuals' rights

All personal data will be deleted or shredded at the request of the enthusiast or when he/she leaves the Society.

Data breaches

The Society has around 120 enthusiasts who have signed-up to be kept informed and the most likely breach would be caused by cyber crime. The Committee will act immediately, according to the situation, whether due to a computer issue or human error. Those involved will be notified and every effort will be made to rectify the issue.

[Action Fraud: National Fraud & Cyber Crime Reporting Centre 0300 123 2040

Information Commissioner's Office, Personal data breach helpline: 0303 123 1113]

We believe that the Wings and Wheels Society records are specific, clear, prominent, opt-in, properly documented and easily withdrawn.